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FDA Approved Fertell Fertility Test

At  Home Sperm Motility Test

His and Hers Fertility Test


Fertell is the one-of-a-kind, FDA-Cleared fertility screening test for both women and men - including 2 Unique Tests - one for each partner!

What is Fertell? Designed as an early screening test to identify potential fertility obstacles, Fertell is the only home fertility kit for couples. Clinically-proven and over 95% accurate, Fertell brings together two unique screening kits in one affordable package, allowing couples to test for key male and female fertility variables with confidence. For women, Fertell screens for ovarian reserve or "egg quality"; Men test for concentration of motile sperm. The tests are taken in the comfort and privacy of your home - with accurate results in less than 90 minutes!


How Does Fertell Work?

The Fertell Female Test is "midstream" urine test kit. It indicates "ovarian reserve" by measuring the level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) in urine on Day Three of your menstrual cycle. As with all "stimulating hormone" tests, increased levels of FSH indicate stress on the ovary and the ovary's ability to produce mature eggs

capable of fertilization. FSH tests are excellent indicators of possible fertility issues, pinpointing problems relating to the age of your ovaries, hormonal balance, and quality of ovarian reserve. A positive result does not indicate infertility, only the need to consult with a physician regarding possible treatment options.   

The Fertell Male Test will indicate the concentration of motile sperm - or the amount of sperm that can "swim" to, and fertilize, the female egg. The male test is a unique screening device that emulates the female anatomy by "challenging" sperm to swim up a fluid-filled container. The Fertell male test effectively mimics the process by which sperm must move through the cervix and uterus to reach the egg. A semen sample is simply placed in the test kit and in 90 minutes you have an accurate result!

Fertell is the first and only comprehensive testing kit that allows couples to perform a preliminary fertility screening at home. It measures key parameters of both male and female reproductive health, offering 95% accuracy and clinically-supported, lab-quality results! Fertell is...

• Accurate! Fertell is 95% Accurate, Clinically-Proven and FDA-Cleared!
• Trustworthy! Fertell integrates electronic & laboratory-quality components in a patented technology.
Easy-to-Use: Both male and female tests are effortless & you receive accurate results in under 90 minutes!
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Includes all Test Kits & Complete Instructional Guidelines...

Note: Fertell cannot detect all reproductive problems but offers an affordable, initial home screening option for detecting primary male/female fertility issues. Free Same-Day Shipping!



Fertell is the only home fertility screening kit that allows you to test for important male & female fertility issues! Fertell includes 1 Men's Test Kit for Concentration of Motile Sperm and 1 Woman's Test for FSH/Ovarian Reserve. 95% Accurate and FDA-Cleared.



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