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SFO Medical Supplies Inc, 1387 Loyola Dr, Santa Clara CA 95051 Ph. 408-740-0973Fax: 408-404-6266


Fertility Monitors

Fertile Focus

Ovulation Microscopes

Fertile Focus is the 1st affordable, high-quality ovulation scope - the #1 Customer Favorite!


With Fertile-Focus, predict fertility by viewing the visual changes that take place in your saliva throughout your cycle. Just prior to ovulation, women experience an "estrogen surge". Fertile-Focus allows you to observe the fern-like patterns that are present in your saliva due to this increase in estrogen. The crystal patterns, or "ferning", can be easily identified through the 50X magnification of the glass Fertile-Focus lens - helping you predict ovulation as much as 72 hours in advance.

To use Fertile Focus, simply place a dab of fresh saliva on the lens window. Allow saliva to dry and press an LED light button to illuminate the sample. View through the lens to determine if you are "not fertile", "transitional" or "fertile"!

With the Fertile-Focus saliva ovulation test, you receive:

Quality: A sturdy metal body & quality glass lens means reliability and long life.
Clarity: A powerful 50X magnification glass lens for accuracy and ease-of-use.
Discretion: Fertile-Focus looks like an attractive lipstick case!
Convenience: Test anytime and anywhere. Results in just five minutes.
Affordability: Other brands of saliva fertility tests offer lesser quality at twice the cost!

A customer favorite, Fertile Focus is backed by a warranty against defect and is endorsed by WebMD's fertility expert, Amos Grunebaum, MD!   


Reading Results is easy with Fertile-Focus. Just apply a dab of saliva, let dry, and view through the 50X lens.

Download the Instructional Fertile-Focus Brochure!  

Fertile Focus Ovulation Scope - Now Only $27.99 including FREE US/Canadian Shipping!




Fertile-Focus Saliva Ovulation Test w/FREE Shipping!

Fertile-Focus is the Saliva Ovulation Test that offers accuracy and quality at an affordable price - now just $27.99 with FREE Shipping! Unlimited testing, 98% accurate & endorsed by fertility expert Amos Grunebaum, MD.




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