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Ultralight Portable Handheld ECG EKG machine (FDA approved)

- This is like a PDA, can monitor heart rates at home or in a clinic

- Email or print results from this machine

- Dimensions (12x8x2 cm, weight: 116g)

Who can use Observer ECG EKG Monitor?

Heart related diseases kill more than all the cancers combined. They are also called the silent killer, as you may not have any symptoms until the heart attack. Or you may feel discomfort sometimes, but by the time you visit the clinic, the symptoms are gone. Monitoring your heart's health condition is one of the vital steps towards a long and healthy life. This new version of Observer Handheld ECG machine, is a device with which you can record your heart's electrical activity in just 25 seconds, view the key parameters on the LCD screen, and later print the trends in heart activity to help your physician detect CardioVascular Diseases. Monitoring heart's rhythm is made easy, as it is a palm-sized device which can take measurements at any time, in any place, whether it's while eating in a restaurant, after exercising in a fitness center, or after taking a specific drug.

How does Observer work?

Electrical waves travel through the heart chambers to charge and trigger heartbeats. If the heart's chambers are not synchronized, the blood will not circulate effectively, which can be a symptom or cause of CardioVascular disease. With ReadMyHeart, you can measure and record your heart's electrical signals as they are emitted through your body. When your thumbs are in contact with the dry electrodes, the palm-sized device is able to trace and record the micro-current your heart generates during heartbeats, generating the related heart function parameters (PR, QRS, ST).ReadMyHeart is hassle-free: the LCD displays your key heart parameters (QRS, ST), blinks if they are out of range and stores up to 30 records.

Dry conduction electrode without wires and gels
LCD shows heart rate, ST value and QRS value
Easy to use hardware and software
Personal health management
CE & FDA certificate

Product Use:
Recording electrocardiogram signals
Monitor symptoms for abnormal heart rhythms
Provide interaction between physicians and patients
Introductory recording heart activities


Input impedance >10 Mohm

Input dynamic range +/- 2 mV

Bandwidth 0.15 - 40 Hz

CMRR(Common Mode Rejection Ration) > 60 db

A/D Conversion 12 bit

Sampling frequency 120 samples/sec

Measurement Time ~ 30 secs

Display LCD display panel

Input Dry conduction electrodes and/or

external auxiliary electrodes

Output USB interface

Power Supply 2 AAA batteries

Size 12 x 8 x 2 cm

Weight 116g (not including batteries)

Enviromental Conditions  

Storage temperature 4°F ~ 122°F

Operational temperature 50°F ~ 104°F

Humidity 25% ~ 95%

Measurement Range  

Average heart rate 45 to 180 bpm

ST segment -3 to +3 mm

QRS interval < 0.2 sec

Package Includes:
1 x Observer handheld ECG-EKG Machine w/ Carrying Case
1 x USB Cable
1 x Updated Software CD (Window 98/2000/XP/Vista compatible)

1 x  User's Manual
1 x FREE Auxiliary external electrode cable


SFO Observer Portable Handheld ECG EKG Monitor
Home Personal Use or Clinic Use
Price: $299.00
Sale Price: $199.00