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GeneKam DNA Based Accurate Bird Sexing

It is not possible to detect the gender or sex of the many birds through outlook as well as appearence. Till today the endoscopy is used to see whether the bird is male or female. The endoscopy is a stressful condition for the bird leading to injuries or death of birds some times. Now the molecular medicine offers a new method to detect the sex of birds just through analysis of DNA. To use this test, one needs only 2-4 fresh feathers with white pulp or one drop of blood. The feather method is really painless method against endoscopy. Moreover one can get the sex of bird at any age i.e. age does not play any role i.e even one day old bird can be sexed through our DNA tests. We can sex a lot of bird species like parrots and related species, falcon, Emu etc. We have a list of species, which can be sexed. All tests are being conducted in our laboratory in Germany. We do a lot of DNA tests for various diseases, please see the complete list.

Promotional Prices (per test/bird)

DNA Bird Sexing for parrots (Order-No. DS020) - Special offer for blood samples:
$10.99 (up to 50 samples/month) and $9.50  (up to 100 samples/month)

DNA Bird Sexing for parrots (Order-No. DS021) - Special offer for feather samples:
$17.99  (up to 50 samples/month) and $16.99  (up to 100 samples/month)

DNA Bird Sexing for emu, doves, pigeons, ostrich, falcons and other related birds (Order-No. DS020A):





1. How do I collect the feathers ?

One can take 3-4 feathers from the tail or breast of the bird.
They must be with the white pulp. Put the feather in one envelop (use one envelop per bird) and close this envelop properly. Write the name of bird or ring number and the kind of the bird on the envelop. Now put all envelops in one bigger envelop (Please put letter with your name and adress along with phone number as well as Email (if possible) and send them on our US address see bottom of the page).
It is a simple method. You do not need any special kits.


2. How do I get the blood ?

You can collect the blood from the toe of the bird. This method is recommended to professional breeders, which have experience to take blood from birds.
You can use the swab or cotton swab to collect one drop the blood. Put the swab in one envelop and close the envelop. Write now name of the bird or ringnumber as well as kind of bird. Put all envelop in one bigger envelop with your letter indicating your address and telephone number as well as Email address. If you cannot take a blood sample yourself, please go to your local vet


FAQ - Frequently asked question:

How do I collect the blood?

This is only for those, who have experience in blood collection.
If you have no experience, please do not injure your bird and take the help of a doctor.

- Make a punch

There are three possibilities to collect blood. You can choose one of them.

1. Take a clean filter paper (available in supermarkets)

2. Tissue paper (available in supermarkets and in chemist shops)

3. Cotton swab (available in chemist shops)


How long it takes for the report?

7-10 working days after we receive the samples.

Put 1-2 drops of blood on to the filter paper/tissue paper/cotton swab


- Put the probes into an envelope or a plastic bag. Write down the kind of bird and ringnumber (if any) onto the bag/envelope and put this into a bigger envelope...

How much blood is needed?
Generally, 1-2 drops (20-50ul) of blood is sufficient for all our DNA based tests.

Which is more reliable, blood or feather testing?
DNA remains the same regardless of where it is extracted. Both tests are equally accurate.

How many feathers are needed for testing?
We recommend sending at least five (2-4). Feathers must be with white pulp, and fresh.

Are freshly plucked feathers necessary for accurate results?
DNA takes an extremely long time to break down, however, testing is likely to be more successful if feathers are freshly plucked.

Can molted feathers be used?
We do not recommend sending molted feathers simply because they tend to carry much less usable DNA, and we want to be certain that the feather is from the bird being tested.

Will feather sexing promote feather picking?
No. Feather picking is generally a neurotic disorder that is not started by plucking a few chest feathers from your bird.

Will the feathers grow back?
Feathers generally grow back in 4 to 6 weeks.

What tests can be performed using feathers?
DNA sexing and PBFD testing are the only assays we offer using feather samples. In the future, we will be able to DNA fingerprint from feathers as well.

Does a bird have to be of a certain age?
The DNA remains the same across all species, so there is no age range for the results.




You are buying  bird  sex (blood) test. You can send sample to us (collected on  simple clean paper) and we will do the test and send you email and paper report. We do provide certificcates.

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